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JPII Catholic Schools


Purpose: The purpose of the JPII Catholic Schools Council is to advise and support the President in the areas designated herein. The Council shall facilitate a diocesan vision of Catholic Schools that is unifying and responsive, and shall provide leadership for operational committees as directed/requested by the President in accordance with the Bylaws.

Nature of the Council: The powers, duties, rights and responsibilities of the Council shall be as determined by the Board of Directors. The Council cannot act apart from the Board of Directors and cannot make decisions binding on JPII Catholic Schools without the approval of the Board of Directors.

The JPII Catholic Schools Council may be asked for consultation in the areas of co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities, and student life, including policies in those areas and the spiritual climate within the JPII Catholic Schools. The Council may also be asked for consultation in any other area not specifically set forth in the By-laws.

The JPII Catholic Schools Council shall have no authority to mandate changes in the area of curriculum development; nor shall they have the authority for hiring, firing, or evaluation of faculty and staff, or grievance by parents, faculty or staff, except as set forth in the By-laws or as otherwise directed by the Board of Directors.