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Sacred Heart Middle School Counselor

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Counseling Philosophy

The philosophy of the Sacred Heart Middle School Counseling Department is to offer support services to help each student maximize their potential. The Counselor provides help with questions or concerns related to school, home, friends, careers, jobs, the future, and personal matters. The goal is to help students achieve a successful middle school experience by offering person-centered and solution-focused services to students in the areas of personal-social, academic, and career counseling. These services are implemented through individual, small group, and classroom guidance lessons. The counseling office is a safe place for students to explore questions and issues in their education, personal, and spiritual lives. Confidentiality will be maintained within all legal limits.

Sacred Heart Middle School believes that parents are the most significant people in children’s lives. The counselor believes that collaboration and communication with families are needed for optimal student success. During counseling sessions, when possible, and encourages students to communicate with their parents about their educational and personal concerns.

The Sacred Heart Middle School Counseling Department will encourage the support of students as a whole person. This will focus on acceptance and respect of self and others, academics, as well as individual faith. The counseling department will aid student’s development by focusing on developing a positive self-concept and the ability to relate positively to peers, parents, and teachers. School counselors not only help students in need, but serve all students.

Counseling Services:

What is a School Counselor?

-Holds a Master’s Degree in school counseling and is specially trained to address the needs of students.

-A support system to all students.

-A resource for students, teachers, and families.

-A coordinator, communicator, consultant, & collaborator for school staff, students, parents, and community.

-A caring & understanding person who listens and helps students with their personal-social, academic, career & spiritual needs.

How do School Counselors provide Student Support?

The counselor can be reached by phone, email, or scheduled appointment at school

-Address personal-social, academic, and career needs of students

-Help create a safe school environment where children can learn & be successful

-Advocate for all students

-Visit with students both individually & in small group settings

-Provide classroom guidance lessons for all students to address the specific needs of each grade

-Maintain student confidentiality within all legal limits

-Help identify the specific needs of students at Sacred Heart Middle School

-Assist teachers & parents in helping children both academically & socially.

-Help students demonstrate acceptance, respect, and responsibility for themselves and others

-Promote a positive attitude & Christian values among students toward self, family, peers, & community

-Work with at-risk students in the areas of academics & personal issues

-Help implement interventions to enhance student success in all areas of life

-Work with students to ensure optimal attendance & minimal tardiness

-Support students by teaching skills for achieving success

Times to Contact your Child’s School Counselor?

As a parent you know your child best, but connecting with your child’s school counselor can enhance your child’s school experience. Working with a school counselor can help identify resources and solve problems. A school counselor is a partner and support system for your child’s education and preparation for life beyond school.

The beginning of the school year is an excellent opportunity to initiate contact with your child’s school counselor. This will improve communication and help ensure your child has a positive school experience. (Helping a counselor understand a student’s home life from a parent’s perspective helps a counselor understand and develop a complete person).

Connecting with your child’s counselor in the middle of the school year will aid in collaboration about academics and/or any questions and/or concerns about your child.

Transitions occur at the end of each year. Checking in with your child’s school counselor will promote a successful transition to a new grade!

Transition Information

Elementary School to Middle School

Middle school is often a time where adolescences place added investment in social interactions. Students are often in a search for their own unique identity and often move towards peers rather than adults for ideas and affirmation. Sacred Heart Middle School prides itself on having an accepting and friendly school environment where students grow through faith, learning, and service.

Helping your child understand his/her schedule and communicating with them about their concerns and successes can be instrumental to their success. The counselors at Sacred Heart Middle School believe communication between parents and school can add to the success of your child. Both the counselors welcome communication through email or phone call.