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Shanley High School Academics

Academic Requirements

Course Credits
A minimum of seven classes must be taken each academic semester for all freshmen and sophomores, and six classes for all juniors and seniors. Study hall is not considered a class in this case. A maximum of two study halls per semester are permitted. Each student shall have earned a minimum of 24 credits, including their religion requirements, for graduation.

Students may not substitute Shanley High School’s required coursework by taking that coursework at an area school unless they have failed the coursework at Shanley High School. They may then complete the coursework in summer school at a public school or retake it at Shanley High School. The elective courses offered at local colleges/universities are not to be substituted for the elective courses offered at Shanley High School.
Shanley does not allow early graduation.

Graduation Requirements
Students are required to earn the following credits in order to receive a Shanley diploma:

Content Area Credits
English 4
Religion 4
Math 3
Science 3
Social Studies 3
Physical Education (PE 9, Health 9) 1
Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Career & Technical Education 3
Elective Courses 3
Total 24

Required courses listed above for graduation must be taken at Shanley High School.

The mission of Shanley High School is to provide an opportunity for her community to grow spiritually, academically, and socially in a Christ-centered environment based on Catholic tradition. Therefore, all students are required to take religion in a classroom setting each semester they are enrolled. If a student transfers in from another high school, he may not be required to complete all four credits of religion. He must take and pass religion each semester while attending Shanley High School.

Grading System
The Shanley High School uses the following grading scale. Grading for each quarter and semester shall be done by means of letter symbols. These symbols, and the usual percentages for which they stand, are listed below. Teachers will provide students with the course syllabus explaining the expectations for that class, including the objectives of the course, the value of test scores, homework, quizzes, and all work, which makes up the final grade.

Grade % GPA Points
    Traditional AP/DC
A 93–100 4.000 4.500
A- 91–92 3.667 4.167
B+ 89–90 3.333 3.833
B 84–88 3.000 3.500
B- 82–83 2.667 3.167
C+ 80–81 2.333 2.833
C 75–79 2.000 2.500
C- 73–74 1.667 2.167
D+ 71–72 1.333 1.833
D 66–70 1.000 1.500
D- 64–65 0.667 1.167
F <64.5 0.000 0.000

Advanced Placement / Dual Credit Courses / Online Courses
The Advanced Placement (AP) Program, part of the College Board, encourages high schools to offer challenging, college-level work to highly motivated, qualified students. The expectation is that the student will take the national AP exam in the spring and pay the exam fee. Depending upon the student’s score, college credit may be earned. The AP program is accepted at many colleges and universities. Students who are involved intensely with several co-curricular activities and responsibilities, have attendance problems, or are not in good standing may not be approved for AP classes.

The Dual Credit (DC) Program allows juniors and seniors to enroll in university dual credit courses taught at Shanley High School. Students who enroll in university-approved dual credit courses must pay the fee but earn college credit and high school credit at the same time.

Enrolling in an AP, DC, or advanced level course is based on the following three criteria: the student’s standardized test scores, academic performance in previous classes (generally a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher), and teacher recommendation.

Only Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be allowed to take AP or DC classes at Shanley or other area schools. Students will not be allowed to take AP/DC classes at other institutions when that class is offered as an option at Shanley. The administration will make the final decision on AP/DC enrollment.

Shanley High School offers a limited number of online classes through the North Dakota Center for Distance Education (NDCDE). These classes are arranged using the student’s study hall as class time. They are to be completed during the normal semester time frame. Completed online classes receive the same credit as regular Shanley classes. All online classes offered through NDCDE require that students pay a fee for the class.

Academic Letter Winners
The student will receive a letter, Shanley “S”, graduation year numeral, and a Lamp of Knowledge badge.

  1. All students earning a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.60 or above would earn an academic letter.
  2. Weighted cumulative GPA’s will be checked at the conclusion of the academic year.

Senior Honors
Seniors who have earned a 3.60 weighted cumulative GPA or higher after semester 1 of their senior year will qualify as an Honor Student. This distinction is noted in the graduation program and students will receive a gold honor cord to be worn at the commencement ceremony.