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Trinity Elementary School Tours

Discover the difference of a faith-based education with this short video.

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  • Tour times are typically between 9:00am-10:00am.

Message from Karissa Flieth – Principal

Welcome to Trinity Elementary School. We are a small faith-filled Catholic Elementary School that serves grades PK-5. We hold two sections of each grade level in our building. Our specials include: gym, art, music, library/media and smart lab. Our full time school counselor and resource teacher are available for extra assistance with various needs and our Student Resource Team (SRT) meets regularly to monitor student needs and collaborate with families that needs extra support.

We are system-wide accredited from Pre-K through Grade 12 through COGNIA. Our Education in Virtue program provides meaning to living a well-ordered and disciplined lifestyle, enabling the creation of a dynamic learning environment. The academic environment at JPII Catholic Schools is Christ-centered and marked by excellence through challenging course work, outstanding teaching and personal attention. This results in high levels of academic achievement in standardized test scores.

If you have questions regarding the school please feel free to reach me at 701-356-0793 or Thank you for taking the time to visit today!

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